Logistics Vacancies...

Only direct applications will be considered, all third party applications will be politely rejected, however, germane UK MoD placements will be entertained. Due to the nature of the research and involvement with UK MoD projects all of the positions within the Company must be UK nationals. ADM Shine Technologies Ltd promotes diversity in employment. We welcome applications from women and men, regardless of disability, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic origin or age. Candidates will undergo Security Clearance prior to appointment and it is a requirement for everyone in the company to maintain their vetting during their tenure. Given the nature of the work, unfortunately we cannot allow suitably cleared freelance contractors to work for us - therefore please do not apply, unless it is for a permanent position, as these security requirements are very unlikely to change.

Rehabilitating Servicemen and Women will be actively considered across any of our sites. Those leaving the service and considering options and placement can discuss possible roles with any of our Company directors. Clearly certain specialists, Engineering and Sigs Trades are applicable, but we welcome all service applications - including those that have left through FMED 18 or P7 MedD etc. We will soon be welcoming certain specialists, Ghurka and highly capable resources with provable integrity for our guarding and security work across all of our UK sites.

If you have come to this site page from a recruitment agency, read carefully the polite notice on the Careers Page that these will not be accepted and will be rejected and that no liability will be accepted from either applicant and/or agency. Introductory commissions will not be paid under any circumstance. NOTE: we do not post cross links for these vacancies on any other site by way of advertising or other commercial relationship other than the IET, NATURE and New Scientist.

Initial interviews and assessments will be done at the main site and if successful it is highly likely an inaugural period will be undertaken there. Subsequently you will then be transferred to your main place of work at either the Labs, Ranges or at one of the Remote Sites throughout the UK. Such details will be made available during the interviews and assessments - each job advert will make it clear where the post will be and will clearly indicate the county.

ADM Shine Training Ltd will soon be completely set-up and will focus on the academic training, apprenticeships and appropriate product training on all of our R&D. At the heart of ADM Shine Training Ltd will be the fieldcraft, dismounted operations and adventure training, along with field trialling activities - more on this to follow soon....

The listings for the vacancies use the following meanings for STATUS and PACK:

    STATUS: PENDING: We have identified the operational need for that role in the company and have secured Board approval for such.

    STATUS: NOTICE: We have done all the PENDING work and have at least published the role at that for three months or more. We are now preparing the recruitment packs and divisional budgets to OPEN the vacancy.

    STATUS: OPEN: We have done all the NOTICE work and have at least published the role at that for one month or more. We are now accepting CVs and applications up to the closing date.

    INFORMATION / PACK: If more information is available about this vacancy and role, then this will have a link to that page or Adobe PDF file.
Vacancies and Pending Vacancies are on the following pages:
As soon as a vacancy is OPEN you will have a link to an Application and Recruitment pack....
Logistics [& Facilities Management] Vacancies

None the fiscal year 2019/20.
We are looking at our facilities and the range of roles that will be required for AREA17 site(s) and as such the Board is considering various Chef/Catering roles [LOGS-A, LOGS-D and LOGS-H, with assistants at the TUL/TCL level], Welfare/Cleaning [LOGS-A and assistants TUL/TCL], Facilities Management [LOGS-A through to LOGS-L] and Security Specialists [LOGS-A through to LOGS-L].

Once all these posts are filled a further four dozen or so will then be needed and those details will be placed here....two Trainee Grad Engineers, one Procurement Buyer, one Project Manager, one Senior Engineer, one Senior Scientist, two Researchers, two further Software Engineers, three more Scientists, two more Lab Technicians, Four more Fabrication Technicians, one Registry Manager, ten more Security Team members, one PA to the Directors, three more Clerical Officers, two more Clerical Assistants, a Librarian, an Assistant Librarian, a Store Person, two Engineering Workshop Technicians, two Engineering Workshop Skilled Engineers, three Graphic Designers/Technical Authors, two CCTV Security Operators, two Security Dog Handlers,  Part-P Registered/Qualified Electrician, GasSafe Registered/Qualified Gas Engineer and if the right candidate came forward a Senior Scientist/Engineer in RF ESM Sensor Systems.


AREA17: Stretching career vacancies in a very demanding and interesting environment...