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The Employment Policy page, Careers page and the Salaries page cover key elements of eligibility and remuneration. They don't however highlight the benefits that are offered to every member of staff and all new vacancies will be subject to these. Ultimately it is your offer letter of employment, subsequent contract and the Employee Handbook that counts and we reserve the right to alter these as we see fit without notice here.

It is the industrial norm to perhaps skew benefits to the Board members, senior executives and sales resources and dilute these progressively (some aggressively) to all other staff to the bare minimum for those on the lower bands.

We take a dim view of this as in an organisation those roles in the lower bands are just as important in many respects as those other organisations wish to highly reward. We offer the same core benefits to ALL staff irrespective of grade. We believe in rewarding all highly for success and only success. The core belief is that we all benefit from the success not just a select few.

Pension - We currently support opted-out personal schemes or SERPS only and do not support an ADM Shine Technologies Ltd specific pension; however we intend to do so. The Social Security Act 1973 (SSA 73) brought in major improvements and this Act continues to make additions on a regular basis. The Pension Schemes Act 1993 (PSA 93) and the Pensions Act 1995 added further protection, the latter introducing the Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority (OPRA) to regulate employer pensions. It is a defined-contribution scheme we are currently looking at.
Give-As-You-Earn - We are registered with an appropriate Give-As-You-Earn scheme provider so that we may operate a give as you earn scheme which enables you to make direct donations to any UK-registered charity of your choice.

Shift Allowance - is currently set at an additional 25% of salary and we have a schedule of additional benefits for call-out allowances and travel expenses.

Annual Appraisals - in January each year - drive the two bonus schemes available. All staff get the first scheme of performance-related bonus which is between 0% and 10% of gross salary before Tax and NI paid in the end of March Salary run. The second scheme is a profit-share limited to a maximum of 10% of gross salary before Tax and NI, and all staff are eligible for this if the Company's performance is there and they were employed since the 1st March - our year end is 31st August and the accounts will be ratified in time for this to be paid at the end of November Salary run. {For the avoidance of doubt the latest P60 Gross Salary figure less previous years' bonuses shall be used to determine each bonus along with the criteria set out in the Employee Handbook}.

Free Eye Test - habitual users of VDUs, data tablets and lasers will receive free eye tests in accord with our Company Handbook. All other staff may have such and will be offered at annual on-site health reviews. Defective Colour Vision is compassionately managed on a risk basis and will not be a barrier to employment - certain aerospace 'licensed' roles preclude such; however we have an inclusive policy of employment whilst meeting our legal obligations to Aerospace and Defence.

Working Hours - will be 37.5 hrs per week for clerical and 40 hrs for all others. Out of hours overtime rates apply and this can be commuted to Time Off In Lieu, Added to leave card or Paid at the prevailing/pro-rata rate. We operate core hours for every role and outside of those core hours the rest are worked on a flexible basis.

Leave Entitlements - are 30 days per annum pro rata paid at your basic hourly rate rising every three years full service by a day to a maximum of 40 days per annum [inclusive of statutory holidays]. Special Leave, Paternity, Maternity and Reservist's Leave are additional and by mutual agreement.

Force's Spouse/Partner - Compassionate Special Leave for demobilisation and we will allow the use of Company vehicles, where practical, to assist in any needed moves at no cost to the Service family.

Relocation Package - discretionary package to help relocate you and if applicable your family to our part of the UK. This will be advised and discussed as part of the selection process. It will be a mix of paid-for expenses, lump sum(s) and bridging advances of salary over an extended time-frame (for example five years), the final agreed package will be compliant with the latest HM Revenue & Customs guidelines and reporting requirements. 

Creche/Academy - we are currently designing into the AREA17 site the ability for working parents to have access to a secured creche/pre-school, academy and after school club capable of handling some 120 children. This will be made available at reduced rates that will be highly competitive.

Employee Membership - the Company will negotiate from time to time with several key institutions to develop Corporate Membership / Partnership arrangements that have as a by-product staff discounts in their shops, cafes and facilities along with reduced or even free entrance to the institution's attractions. Each staff member will be able to book such events or apply internally for such staff membership card(s). A key part of these negotiations will be that staff may be able to volunteer with the institutions on an exchange programme and as these develop all staff will be advised.

OHS - we value health and wellbeing in all our staff and as such we will offer all staff the ability to sign up to and contribute towards a private health plan for themselves and their immediate family. Staff may use the gym on a first-come first-served basis and likewise the pool when it is set for the shallow use position (which should be most non-office hours). Annual free medicals will be undertaken by the on-site medical team along with eye testing as previously covered.

Everyone in the company receives a set of Maglites, Car Winter Safety Kit, Car Emergency & First Aid KitHolts Tyre Weld [for emergency use only) and all engineers/technicians a Swiss Army Multi-tool knife [incl guidelines against generally carrying such outside of site]. The middle three are swapped for Motorbike Equivalents as appropriate.

Corporate Clothing - all grades will receive a corporate fleece with the Company name and logo embroidered on it. Then as necessary to your role you will receive also that which is applicable - shirts, trousers or skirts, boots, webbing, clean room suits, clogs and masks, overcoats, aprons, fleece(s), high quality RAB cold weather protection and all weathers high quality RAB external clothing. These will be marked with the company name and logo. ID badges and lanyards will also be issued and changed periodically. For those who really can't wear feathers, we will select alternatives including looking at Mammut.

Advancement - surely not a benefit! Well we believe so; we have seen so many companies tie themselves in knots promoting people into roles in recognition for achievement and then finding the employee is far from doing what they are really good at. With that in mind we promote in post and advancement from one salary band to another 'in post' is possible and is a key part of our appraisal and advancement process. As are career progression into new areas, roles and responsibilities within the company.

See our pages for all the details of our Employee Benefits grouped into:

Please contact us for more information on this or refer to our Company Handbook as some of these benefits are subject to terms.

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