Supply Chain Values & Ethics Policy...

It is crucial to have a good working relationship both up and down the supply chain that not only respects the market reach but also the quality of goods and services. Each has a key part to play and in a competitive environment it is also important to have an ethical stance that is respectful and moral. Things do go wrong from time to time and it is why we have Board-level responsibilities for the supply chain and access to the Board for any supplier. This is a key part to preventing bribery and corruption.

We will also do our utmost to uphold a General Policy: To
  • Expedite for our suppliers a prompt payment on 30 days or proforma;
  • Engage with our customers that will support prompt payments of 30 days on milestone, with interim milestones paid by mutual agreement;
  • Buffer higher supply chain delays in payment or issues from our suppliers. Where this is not possible we will work with the other parties to agree and mitigate impact;
  • Develop long-term relationships that add value to both parties and develop supply chain trust in delivery and quality;
  • Value our suppliers delivering on time, cost and quality and enabling us to do the same for our customers. Where this doesn't happen respectfully engaging to resolve and expedite a solution that best meets the overall objectives of the project/programme.
That is not easy to do in a global marketplace. It is even harder when you may not ultimately have much sway in the end use nor in full visibility in each and every stage of the supply chain.

We operate a careful process to determine which suppliers we work with and source goods from, and operate a strategic supplier process that we refresh every year. There is no fee, no inducement, no material way this can be influenced - all are unlawful and will be reported to the relevant authorities without exception.

To that end we encourage all our key and strategic suppliers to ensure the Cyber Security of such Confidential Information is maintained to a level that would attain the UK Government Cyber Essentials Certificate [see IASME or Scheme Overview] as is required for the relevant business size or higher as we stipulate in NDAs, purchase orders and other T&Cs.

We do the same for customers and primes. If we don't like an NDA or contract, for example, we will work with you to agree an amicable way forward. We will be open, honest and sound in judgement - if at the end of this we can't reach an agreeable way forward we will not engage. We would rather lose the business than agree to untenable terms. That will not though mean we are naive; in fact if we suspect that was done with malice we will report it to the ultimate customer or relevant authorities. 

The Company is underpinned by a Modus Operandi, Covenant and these nine core policies which are enshrined in our Employee Handbook, Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Management System. They are:

AREA17: Commercial & Financial Information readilly shared with UK MoD and UK Other Government Departments...