Do you want to be stretched...?

We are looking for the very best people to support our development of Military and Law Enforcement Products alongside leading-edge next-generation Flight Data & Cockpit Voice Recorders. Our commitment to UK MoD is at the heart of our commitment to develop the next generation of individuals who will become experts and specialists in our unique skills. The business needs to have around six dozen staff join this exciting team over the next two years.

The work requires the utmost in discretion and integrity; it requires you to be dedicated and committed to the delivery of the very best capabilities to the Aerospace Manufacturers/refitters, UK Law Enforcement and Defence Sectors. Our commitment is to encourage you in the progression of your skills and career development, give you good remuneration and benefits, develop our labs to some of the most equipped in Europe... and expect you to work on what probably will be the most interesting projects you will experience in your life.

Only direct applications will be considered, all third party applications will be politely rejected, however, germane UK MoD placements will be entertained. Due to the nature of the research and involvement with UK MoD projects all of the positions within the Company must be UK nationals. ADM Shine Technologies Ltd promotes diversity in employment. We welcome applications from women and men, regardless of disability, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic origin, or age. Candidates will undergo Security Clearance prior to appointment and it is a requirement for everyone in the Company to maintain their vetting during their tenure. Given the nature of the work, unfortunately we cannot allow suitably cleared freelance contractors to work for us - therefore please do not apply, unless it is for a permanent position, as these security requirements are very unlikely to change.

ADM Shine Technologies Ltd operates 26 salary bands in total ranging from £15,290 p.a. to £103,425 p.a., a set of good benefits and a competetive bonus and remuneration scheme. Those Salary bands do overlap between the differing roles and this is best illustrated that at Board level we have six bands, STEM level 19 bands, ADMIN level 13 bands and LOGISTICS level we have 16 bands. All expenses are claimed for and we operate a totally transparent and morally reasonable scheme on such. Applicants will be considered on experience and conduct at a series of interviews, some of which may involve practical tests and assessments. So if you're interested in being stretched please contact us or fill in an application form using the links below.

We are proud to report that we operate a zero gender pay gap policy, with our female CEO appointed on ability, aptitude and overall performance. Gender Pay Equality is a key aspect of our company so that for any role within the company the average salary for male for any given £1, the female staff member would be on average the same £1. Our Company Board is currently is 60% Female and 40% Male. It is this strong and capable board that is transforming the Company, by creating a strong set of ethics and a supportive working environment.

We are aiming to generate over 250 new jobs for the West Midlands over the next five years. This will be fantastic news for science, with jobs being created in Physics, Electronics, Computer Sciences and Chemistry for the next three years... There will also be a range of support and security roles calling on a wide range of disciplines and experiences. In addition to these experienced and skilled roles we will be creating apprenticeships across the key areas of the business to support the development of the next generation of experts.

This is exciting news in these tough times and we are looking at a whole range of skills germane to our business. We will be shortly launching a number of apprenticeships and re-skilling roles and these will all align with the creation of our new AREA17 Labs from Summer 2016 onwards...




 AREA17: Do you want to be stretched...?