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The Employment Policy page, Careers page and the Salaries page cover key elements of eligibility and remuneration. They don't however highlight the benefits that are offered to every member of staff and all new vacancies will be subject to these. Ultimately it is your offer letter of employment and subsequent contract that counts and we reserve the right to alter these as we see fit without notice here.

It is the industrial norm to perhaps skew benefits to the Board members, senior executives and sales resources and dilute these progressively (some aggressively) to all other staff to the bare minimum for those on the lower bands.

We take a dim view of this as in an organisation those roles in the lower bands are just as important in many respects as those other organisations wish to highly reward. We offer the same core benefits to ALL staff irrespective of grade. We believe in rewarding all highly for success and only success. The core belief is that we all benefit from the success not just a select few.

For the avoidance of doubt, our Employment Handbook is the master source of all benefits in the company and we reserve the right to change that through a reasonable process which includes internal notice of proposed and approved changes. The Company takes reasonable steps to ensure the site is reflective of the Employee Handbook. No reliance on the site should be taken over that of the Employee Handbook and the change notices.

In common with other companies, we may choose to alter the benefit(s) that you will receive and will do such through your offer letter of employment and subsequent contract. This may be changed annually as part of the appraisal review of performance or at any promotion.

See our pages for all the details of our Employee Benefits grouped into:

Please contact us for more information on this or refer to our Company Handbook as some of these benefits are subject to terms.

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