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The Company operates the following salary bands and staff can be placed anywhere within these bands dependant on the skills and the role. Progression is within these bands, which are reviewed by the Board annually, up to the maximum. Band-U is the highest salary permissible in the Company. Benefits and other emoluments are defined with application packs and may be role-specific. Appraisals are held annually in January, leave entitlements are January to December. Expenses are monthly claimed in arrears and are subject to external scrutiny by Customers, the Treasury and auditors - these are made openly available.

The following information is made available for career choices and we reserve the right to make offers above, below or change these bands without notice on this site. Other Clerical/Admin roles are recruited at the grades up to and including Band-G. Please contact us for a full breakdown of our company roles and current salary bands and our mappings across the broad spectrum of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that are at the core thrust of the Company.
We use the following abbreviations for key roles and they are taken to mean as follows: CEO = Chief Executive Officer, CFO = Chief Financial Officer, COO = Chief Operations Officer, CTO = Chief Technical Officer, NED = Non-Executive Director, CIO = Chief Information Officer and CDSO = Chief Defence Security Officer. Our CTO role has the responsibility for the Chief Technology and Chief Science Offices.

It is our policy to review the salary scales each Autumn. The above links are to the various salary tables which will reflect and includes those changes. For the fiscal year 2018/19 - the London Weighting allowance is £6,750 p.a. paid as a lump sum in advance for the year ahead in the April payroll each year [or part thereof at the next monthly payroll when it henceforth applies]. Our Company Handbook details the terms and eligibility of this Weighting allowance along with all others. London Weighting applies for all of our staff working in London inside of the A406/A205 circular to the east/west links of The Blackwell Tunnel and Kew Bridge.

The Summer Budget 2015 introduced a National Living Wage of £9 p.h. by 2020. Our Salaries and our Employment Benefits are well benchmarked and we believe are very good; however, we strive to offer good terms and conditions of employment. Therefore we decided to keep ncreasing our junior salaries to keep exceeding the National Minimum Wage at each January review.

Gender Pay Equality is an Employment Policy and we are proud to say that for any same role within the company the average salary for male for any given £1, the female staff member would be on average the same £1. We operate a Zero Gender pay gap policy. The best person for the role of Chief Executive Officer was picked on ability, aptitude and overall performance; that happened to be someone who is a woman. Hence our Company Board is 60% Female and 40% Male. It is this strong and capable board that is transforming the Company, by creating a strong set of ethics and a nice working environment.

We are in the process of defining how Services and Range officer roles map to the above grades for the recruitment of guarding, facilities managers, maintenance staff, chefs, catering, cleaning and other similar roles. These core logistics roles will be prefixed LOGS and bands will map to the Company salary bands A to P. With the relevant training and qualifications, individuals will be able to move to the STEM roles and vice-versa. The trainee roles will be TGL, TUL or TAL and will fall directly in the germane Company Salary Band. The Ltech role will be LLtech for the logistics technicians or assistants with appropriate skills and qualifications. Various Security, Chef, Facilities and Maintenance roles will soon be mapped on to the Company salary bands and published.

Some Defence Companies and other businesses call our Technology Expert Grades STEM-O & STEM-N 'Principal Engineer' and 'Principal Scientist'; Hence those terms used for Grades STEM-F & STEM-E we take to mean a master lead for a set skill-base such as 'Augmented Reality' which is part of the senior research team responsible for 'Machine Learning & KDD'. Putting this another way, Senior Engineer/Scientist elsewhere should translate to Principal/Senior Engineer/Scientist at ADM Shine Technologies Ltd, and Principal Engineer/Scientist elsewhere should translate to Technology Expert/Senior Engineer/Scientist at ADM Shine Technologies Ltd.

We warmly welcome British Armed Service Personnel joining ADM Shine Technologies Ltd for short-term assignments, long-term, career moves and for rehabilitation where possible. Please find the following Ranks not as a comparison to each other across the services but merely an outline view where each would broadly fall in relation to our Role IDs or Grades. For clarity we have only indicated a few ranks and that does not mean we will not be able to assess and integrate any of the other ranks - we can and will were possible. Salary pay advancement is possible in the same role. See further benefits in addition to the Salary at our Employment Benefits page. We actively support and further reward Reservists by way of our HR policy [see SaBRE as to why we do this].

 Role ID British Army  Royal Navy   Royal Air Force
Band-P  Brigadier / Colonel    Commodore / Captain     Air Commodore / Group Captain
Band-O  Lt Colonel  Commander  Wing Commander
Band-L  Major  Lt Commander  Squadron Leader
Band-G  Captain /
Warrant Officer I
  Lieutenant /
Warrant Officer I
  Flight Lieutenant /
Warrant Officer
Band-F  Staff Sergeant  Chief Petty Officer  Flight Sergeant /
Chief Technician
Band-D Corporal Petty Officer  Corporal 
Band-C  Lance Corporal Leading Rate Junior Tech 

If you are a good service leaver within the last five years and have Trades that fit well with our needs, then, based on the level and competency of those, along with which Level, Spine and additional payments your force's salary was we will carefully match or better that to the above Role IDs {or Grades} or to a grade up to three above that.

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