Sir Frank Adcock Award...

An academic of considerable standing both in his classical historian professor role, but also in his WWI and WWII roles as a cryptographer.

Whilst he was serving as a British Forces Officer he also profoundly changed the way Direction Finding is done with his Adcock antenna configuration. He is of great standing to the UK and in Radio DF he is the Isambard Kingdom Brunel as this led to an engineering excellence of great merit in the design and evolution of better, more accurate location technologies.

This award is appropriately about finding solutions so it is made in his namesake to honour his broad work and contribution to the world. 

It is our intention by 2016 to offer an internal-only Sir Frank Adcock award that is for the most 'off the wall' improvement to what we undertake and is open to all employees - the measure is that it considerably improves what we do, sustainably considerably reduces the cost of doing what we do, branches us out into a sustainable new area or has considerable social impact that is positive in the community, country or continent.

This award will be presented at an awards event along with the annual AGM, New Year strategy and Operations Update. It will be an award of a personally inscribed plaque at the base of an appropriate object that represents well what you did, along with £5,000 each year for the next three years.

The individual will then for the first year work at our expense 40% of the year in a force's charity or other mutually agreed external role and the second year likewise at our expense 20% of the year in a mutually agreed role of the individual's choice in any non-competitive organisation. The individual will then present to the Board the work of the last two years and the impact discussed of what they have achieved and then be invited to attend all of the appropriate Board meetings for the final year.

Our Bursaries, Scholarships & Awards are a key part of our work to further science and engineering in the United Kingdom for all sectors not just our area of Defence and Law Enforcement.

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