Employment Policy...

All of the positions within the Company are subject to the Race Relations Act s.41 exemption. As such all applicants are required to meet special nationality rules and so vacancies are generally only open solely to British citizens. ADM Shine Technologies Ltd promotes diversity in employment. We welcome applications from women and men, regardless of disability, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic origin, or age. Candidates will undergo security clearance prior to appointment and it is a requirement for everyone in the Company to maintain their vetting during their tenure.

Gender pay equality is an employment policy and we are proud to say that for any same role within the Company the average salary for male for any given £1, the female staff member would be on average the same £1. We operate a zero gender pay gap policy. The best person for the role of Chief Executive Officer was picked on ability, aptitude and overall performance; that happened to be someone who is a woman. Hence our Company Board is 60% Female and 40% Male. It is this strong and capable board that is transforming the Company, by creating a strong set of ethics and a nice working environment.

All staff have Contractors on Deployed Operations {CONDO} terms in their employment contract and no casual opt-out applies (other than deliberately changing career or role within the Company).

Current and potential staff who are thinking about becoming Reservists (including those roles/trades with Special Engagements, or Civil Contingency Reaction Forces [CCRF], or High Readiness Reserve [HRR] status) are all warmly welcomed on very supportive terms [see UK MoD SaBRE as to why the Company does this]. The Company also warmly welcomes British Armed Service Personnel joining ADM Shine Technologies Ltd for short-term assignments, long-term, career moves and for rehabilitation where possible. We have made such Forces-Friendly commitments long before the creation of the Corporate Covenants introduced in 2013.

The Company is underpinned by a Modus Operandi, Covenant and these nine core policies which are enshrined in our Employee Handbook, Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Management System. They are:

AREA17: Commercial & Financial Information readilly shared with UK MoD and UK Other Government Departments...