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For UK MoD we have gifted high value innovation (DEFCON 705 and 703) as a range of project definitions and designs through to functional capability demonstrators. ADM Shine Technologies Ltd has a continuous development programme to ensure the onward development of these for the UK MoD, and where approved, other allies and the wider law enforcement communities.

ADM Shine Technologies Ltd has gifted this high value innovation on the MoD contractual terms of zero profit. With competitive day rates and low overheads the value for the public purse is considerable and measurable. Our innovation and IP skillsets span the very credible set of sciences and applied engineering in the areas of physics, mathematics, materials sciences, signal processing, cryptography, energetics, pneumatics, biochemistry, software engineering, electronics, telecommunications, diving systems, robotics (RCV, RAV, UUV), HMI - human factors, IT and secure data networks.

The IP generated by the Company so far is vested in product designs and prototypes of various sensing technologies for the wide needs of Electronic Warfare operations. We have had two credible offers to buy the Company, which we continue to politely decline. We have successfully designed many credible IP/capabilities over the last six years - a selection of these include:
  • ESM sensor technologies highly capable across a wide range of frequencies and communications technologies.
  • ECM/EA capabilities that can be sequenced by the above ESM technologies or operate dismounted.
  • Remote tagging and tracking technologies.
  • Micro-scale special devices.
  • Small-scale (12V ~480W) formic acid fuel cell with novel fuel, solute and power discharge management for specialist and dismounted operations.
  • Small lightweight RCV for IEDD operations.
  • C-IED roadside device detection and countermeasures for foot patrols and vehicle movements.
We have been working on a single molecule sensor design for several years now and can clearly see its implications for medicine, drugs research, security and aviation safety - such a robotic 'dog nose' would be ground-breaking even for defence. We have yet to bring this to market given our other work commitments but would carefully consider partnering with the right company and deal - please contact us for further discussions under NDA.

Innovation and science fostering is a key thread to developing the future technologies, techniques and capabilities to underpin all of the world's future. For defence this is crucial to ensure future threats are revealed and timely pursuit of such is gained. To that end UK Ministry of Defence created a Centre for Defence Enterprise [CDE] which 'incubates' bright ideas from academia and industry [especially the small to medium businesses/enterprises] and generates the ability to prove concepts rapidly - enabling pull through into operations or more focused research thereafter. We have voiced to the UK Government our support of this 'gateway' and the ability it gives for engagement and involvement in defence for any credible and capable organisation or individuals.

UK Defence Research Plans are crucial to the overall focus of such innovation - however should not stifle true innovation. These plans are regularly reviewed and presented to industry to ensure common understanding of needs and focus on existing programmes. These plans are presented in a non-classified manner to ensure academia, independent research organisations and those businesses who currently aren't approved to contribute. To ensure delivery of these plans and inject further innovation, CDE/UK Ministry of Defence run regular UK Defence Calls and Events and welcome a mix of academia and industry [with limits on attendees per organisation] - they are often heavily subscribed and are excellent briefing and interaction opportunities.

An amazing organisation for innovation is without a doubt DARPA in the US, not only because of the innovation and technology research which is pioneering and backed by strong budgets, but because this innovation comes from an organisation with so small a management team. Set up at the start of the Cold War, this organisation has delivered impressive results both into defence and into wider commerce. DARPA Current Calls show the richness of the current programmes [BTO, DSO, I2O, MTO, STO and TTO] and News & Events highlight recent successes.

Innovation requires a deep understanding of science and engineering, concept of operations and often an appreciation of the environment and threats to highlight one of many perspectives.... The Royal United Services Institute for Defence & Security Studies [RUSI] has held an impressive history spanning some 180 years. The aggregation of research, briefings and discussions are well worth understanding to ensure focused innovation occurs and not only delivers good value to the public purse, ensure the capabilities are there for the armed services to counter new and emerging threats, but also stems the waste of valuable resources and money on nugatory effort on solved problems or indeed on matters where emerging or mature solutions already exist. Sir Winston Churchill, on 12 January 1946, set up an executive agency of the FCO as a non-profit making organisation called Wilton Park for policy formation and dialogue on matters of global security, economic stability and post-conflict reconciliation. Further independent thinking on international affairs is carried out by the well-known and highly respected organisation Chatham House.




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