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ADM Shine Technologies Ltd has four key threads in the areas of Electronic Warfare (Expert Level at the ESM/ECM aspects), Advanced Devices, Special Projects and Infomatics. The key principles of the R&D are that it adds high value to existing capabilities, tackles capability gaps - if necessary through completely different approaches (procedural and/or technological), - enhances reliability and reduces cost of ownership. We build in trust, integrity and information assurance at the heart of what we do and deliver. Our labs use industry leading technologies, our research prototypes are delivered with them, our products proudly embrace such software and hardware solutions to ensure the data are safe and the systems integrity is robustly defended.

A tough aim to have set and often the very limits of technology and science can be encountered. Only those brave enough to risk not only reputation, but also the constraints of man are able to achieve these often considerable steps and goals. After all, look at the steps and achievements of Arthur Stanley Eddington or perhaps equally determined and noteworthy were those of William Wilberforce and his accomplished friend William Pitt [the long-serving Prime Minister and longest ever serving PM for the founding Conservative Party]; he was affectionately otherwise known as 'Pitt the Younger'.

It is often too easy to live with existing approaches, processes and technologies. It is far too easy to scorn and castigate those striving to make considerable change and embracing leading-edge science in short timescales and project strictures. If you know precisely how long something will take and exactly how to build it - then you have already built it! Folly is the man that believes precise 'en totale' commercial contracting can be achieved at the leading edge. It can't as you then only encourage delivery of what has already been built, invented and researched. Defence of the Realm and the requirements of UK's national security need to tap into the very best minds and capabilities from across the breadth of science and engineering - we feel proud to play our part in that.

What we create in our capabilities is the true goal of MoD in opening architectures, allowing for cheaper, easy technology insertions and providing a real solid understanding of telecommunications and military comms. This understanding comes from highly-skilled practitioners with a deep technical knowledge within these areas. This is complemented by mid-range software production engineering skills and abilities that span into some of the most complex realtime control systems in Europe. All of this ensures that the leadership and R&D creativity skills within the Company are well matched to those of many of the larger primes and specialists within this field worldwide.

It takes maturity, honesty and considerable integrity to say - do we 100% get it right first time? Or better still do we always achieve immensely tight timescales to design and build incredibly challenging and leading edge technology? No is the truthful answer.... Reflect on our honesty and integrity - don't jump to downbeat conclusions about us as you will be wrong...
  • Do we give up? No
  • Do we strive to find solutions and deliver? Yes
  • Will we do this at our cost even if we then make a thumping loss? Yes
  • If we can't find the technology, key parts or algorithms will we design, research and manufacture them? Yes
  • Are our IP, R&D, products and the projects we undertake far beyond just integration?! Yes
  • If risk is shared and agreed along with realistic budgets, milestones and scope; do we deliver 100%? Yes
Those that have known us, worked here, or been our customer for a long time will know we hold dear those values. Often misquoted but Churchill's speech 29th October 1941 to the boys at Harrow sums up what you can expect from us: "Never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." We gave the Company its name on the back of such resolve - 'Shine' was in essence to brighten that which lacks lustre and visibility. Hence the Company's esprit de corps of 'Ostendo et Insequor' which is apt for our end customers and users as this is the ability to "Reveal & Pursue". 

Please contact us if we can bring serious capabilities to your team and in-theatre needs.

We take an active management view of Intellectual Property [IP] and we carefully handle the knowhow, techniques and algorithms of our customer(s) and that which we have invented/created. If it is appropriate, we patent products, inventions and/or IP; if not we may elect to register designs or protect through robust management and legal instruments. What is key is to ensure the IP is advanced for the customer(s) and that only through key need will exposure be given to prime contractors of such capabilities and this may be limited only to interfaces and data structures that are necessary for onward integration and support. We expect this exposure to be done robustly through a JSP440 [or similarly robust] framework.

We take an active interest in supporting industrial links to universities as we have long held the view that such collaboration, funding, and involvement are crucial to the economic viability of the UK. The UK enjoys a tremendously good Research Council underpinning all the educational establishments and science academies of the UK. Our main interests are in four of the councils, Science & Technology, Biotechnology & Biological Sciences, Engineering & Physical Sciences, and Natural Environment. The Pan European Space Agency has equally good underpinning research & development programmes both in academia and industry. Our main interests are in five of the main areas, Space Engineering & Technology, Satellite Navigation, Telecoms & Integrated Applications, Advanced Concepts Team, and Aurora Programme. With a strong interest in physics we often keep a keen eye on the leading edge research of both CERN and Diamond Light Source.

Our main research & development is driven through four themes and five elements [that are capability groupings that yield sensors, software, algorithms and sub-systems for onward integration]. Each area we name as a Core Programme after an atomic element for programme management purposes only. Each Core Programme has up to four themes. Each theme may have multiple projects each within that theme. Some of our main research & development themes are as follows:






ELEMENT 31 [Ga]:
Electronic Systems
Advanced Devices & Electromagnetics
Next Generation Communications
IA & Advanced
Threat Modelling
ELEMENT 36 [Kr]:
Virtual Reality &
Haptic Interfacing
Quantum Computing
pbdR &
ELEMENT 73 [Ta]:
Energetics &
MEMS & Nano Systems
Smart Materials &
CRBN Tensile,
Dynamic & Hardened
ELEMENT 46 [Pd]:
Machine Learning &
Cyber & Asymmetric
ηExabyte Search Techniques
Robotics &
Sonochemistry &
Mechatronics &
Structures &
Reactive Materials


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