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ADM Shine Technologies Ltd was founded in September 2005 after a long career in science and engineering across many disciplines including telecommunications, signals and defence engineering....

Our knowledge set is both deep and considerably wide. We are not though superficial! We have a very rich knowledge set of Electronic Warfare on the communications side and also country-level telecommunications. Our science and engineering experience and know-how is also deep and we exercise a very forward-looking technology watch programme. That said, we are not only interested in the advanced science or advanced engineering and stop at the low TRL or proof of concept. We are proud to tackle very complex problems with high innovation and rich solutions. Our future threat programme has yielded for the Company a considerable tome of IP.

The challenges are growing and they are getting much more complex and often have global elements now like they never had before - see our Snapshot of this really complex area and one in which we have several active research programmes and extensive knowledge and know-how. Even though the data volumes can be enormous today - spare a sobering thought that a gram of human DNA can theoretically hold around 455 exabytes of information.

Our know-how was used to assist the redesign of the aviation worlds' flight data and voice cockpit recorders to enable the widespread development of the next generation flight data and cockpit voice recorders (ED112-compliant and soon the new EUROCAE ED155-compliant). The functionality of these recorders far exceeds the existing capabilities and recording times, offering significant safety benefits through whole-life flight data analysis and maintenance schedule analysis. Our drive is to make crash analysis more focused and to prevent (where possible) such events from occurring in the first place. The combined recording capabilities are extended to include all images received from any craft-borne CCTV cameras. They also include the sophisticated capabilities that ensure rapid location which go beyond the standard ELT and ULB (where fitted).

We have long recognised that in order to deliver effective defence and high-end products you need strong security of the IT servers, firewalls and most often overlooked are the end clients. To that end we have finally approached SOPHOS and are pleased to announce that we are now a partner and will soon be offering all their high-end solutions as a standard configuration on all our products that have a PC, mobile device or server supplied by us, and we will be offering the products for general sale business-to-business. You can see more at our Secure Products Pages for Platforms and Mobiles & Tablets. We are keen to also promote the UK Government Cyber Essentials Information Assurance Scheme to ensure businesses - especially small and medium enterprises - have the right protections and controls in place.

Given our background and indeed what we do for the UK we have been pleased to contribute to the Government consultation on "Equipment, Support, and Technology for UK Defence and Security. A Consultation Paper." ISBN 9780 1017 9892 1 - GREEN PAPER.  Likewise we were please to contribute to the Justice and Security - GREEN PAPER - ISBN 9780 1018 1942 8. Our eight page response to the first Green Paper and three pages for the second may be obtained through the government FOI process.

We are geographically dispersed and use a plethora of other sites throughout the UK. It is a great working environment and we enjoy really good Benefits and Salaries. Our Vacancies are listed on this site along with the various Application Form(s) and other information regarding our Career Paths.

Please see our Commercial & Finance page(s) for more information. Images on this site are either copyright of the owner, of ADM Shine Technologies Ltd, may be purchased from iStockphoto, one of the key suppliers/partners of ADM Shine Technologies Ltd, or are used under licence/Creative Commons licence - all are used and shown in good faith. They are indicative of our Labs & Ranges, indicative of our future Labs & Ranges and/or they depict people that are indicative of ADM Shine Technologies Ltd own staff. It is our policy not to publish actual pictures of staff, sensitive Labs & Ranges nor our defence products for security reasons. Products where shown will either be ours or that of our suppliers/ partners or that of the High Tech Company as indicated. Please contact us if you spot any problems or errors and we will expedite a correction.




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