Micro Electronics...

The challenge is not to reinvent wheels but to design in a highly-maintainable ethos from day one. That has led to us having a large set of design axioms and sub-systems that not only embrace the SoC, VLSI and other monolithic modules available from the chip manufacturers but also the sub-assembly manufacturers. We have insisted our designers keep abreast with technology and the components available.

That is not an easy task, nor is it easy to ensure high power, RF, microprocessor, audio, DSP, electro-optic and a whole host of other technologies that we are able to design to a very high standard.

We design in automatic testing solutions and also, where sensible, use software-driven solutions or programmable configuration solutions such as SoC and FPGA as a way of mitigating whole-life costs. Another well-versed paradigm is to enable easy field upgrades through microSD technologies or encrypted USB drives.

The simple power supply above, which is not a product, shows a prototype with discrete wiring connection blocks but note the three extremely efficient DC-DC converters that are on the board and that can readily be replaced or upgraded. We also take sensible design approaches to dual- or multi-layer boards with ground planes, energy fields and propagation paths and transmission line effects - including mitigation of standing waves and other parasitic effects. Cross-talk and anti-surveillance measures can also be designed in along with protection modes for initial configurations - e.g. key loading on cryptos.

We can easily handle the designs and fabrication of mixed RF, high voltage, low power and extremely low current through to very high currents... A modern smart phone main board is easily within our grasp of design and fabrication expertise. We have enjoyed designing in some very novel cooling and heat dissipation and mitigation on complex board on board solutions in the past and they were not off-the-shelf heat sinks. We have even designed solutions to extreme desert-like environments which worked.

We pride ourselves on producing good designs that are tolerant to use, will work well over a range of environmental parameters and will allow sensible [if possible] fault handling that can reduce the impact of such failure or contain it.

We also design in the ability to easily destroy our designs that contain algorithms or software or features that need a level of assured discretion. That destruction is absolute and once started cannot be stopped.

If the design needs specialist components or bespoke components then we will research, design and fabricate them for the given sub-system or assembly.




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