Carbon Footprint and Environmental Policy...

We are developing our procedures and approaches to waste, energy, recycling and supplier ethics to ensure we strive to become carbon neutral along with strong ethical environmental practices in all we do. BS EN14001:1999 is our goal for the next period. After which, as part of our ongoing registration and accreditation programme, we will uplift that to the BS EN14001:2004.

LED and CFL technologies are used as a first choice for all office luminaires, and halogen lamps are replaced with LED variants to considerably save energy and resources in all of our sites.

Our ranges and labs have a policy of tree planting both to meet security needs and also as carbon offset. Each building is carefully insulated and heat exchanges maintain as optimum energy capture as is sensible to yield at each building level a minimal CHP footprint. To achieve such, each building has designed in energy usage monitoring in a strong building management infrastructure.

Legacy buildings are assessed and surveyed to understand how best to insulate and reduce energy losses, and the above policy implemented in as far as is possible/practical.

The Company is underpinned by a Modus Operandi, Covenant and these nine core policies which are enshrined in our Employee Handbook, Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Management System. They are:

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