The manufacturing ethos is small-scale and bespoke services, typically undertaking in terms of quantities of a given product/project would be in the region of a dozen to fifty at a time.

Some we are able to manufacture more of in parallel, a few a lot less. So we actively work with UK MoD to determine on those programmes as the technology-readiness level is matured the most credible way forward. This may be to sub-license manufacturing to a mutually agreeable third party or prime or it may be the transfer and sale of the IP to third party.

Clearly we work with the customer procurement teams (DE&S) to ensure the best interests of national security and UK MoD are upheld. If DEFCON 703 work is transferred without discussion, we will offer support and assistance on sensible commercial terms to ensure the innovation is taken forward and that maximum leverage can be achieved from the IP for the benefit of UK MoD.

Manufacturing processes are defined in our Quality Management System and range from aviation/military standards for cable assembly manufacture right through to complex special surveillance complete systems such as our manpack ESM system. Each part, sub-assembly and assembly has a part number, revision number, item history, certificate of conformity and has the traceability through our ESD-protected stores, assembly, integration, testing and shipping teams. Similarly any data and software loads are very carefully configuration-managed and traced to ensure both quality and repeatability.

Our Support and ILS teams are appropriately involved in the manufacturing phases to ensure that they are well versed in the construction of every product (cognisant of approvals and need to know). They are able to have direct input into averting in-service problems and are able to change the manufacturing processes to mitigate 'seen' problems to drive up quality and reliability.

We take quality very seriously and as such we have a rolling audit programme. A selection of our most recent audits has been:-

 PAT Electrical Safety Testing  now....
 Commercial Audit [MoD CDs] Aug-2017
 Full Site Documentation Security Audit Aug-2017
 RF Safety Audit [LAB]   Aug-2017
 Electrical Safety & Earth Loop Testing Aug-2017
 Asset Audit and Verification  Aug-2017
 ESD Calibration & Workbench Testing July-2017
 Stores DB upgrade and Audit July-2017
 COSHH Audit Aug-2017
 Network & Data Security Audit Sept-2017
 ISO 9001:2008 Full QMS Audit July-2017
 Article 296 and WEEE 2002/96/EC Audit July-2017

Any testing that says "now...." is underway and its final date will be updated when the audit and any non-conformities are fully resolved / undertaken.




 AREA17: Be it a wiring loom to a complete assembly - everything is traceable and RoHs compliant...