Anti-Competitive, Corruption & Bribery Policy...

We will stick to our set of policies and values shrewdly. We will not enter into anti-competitive contracts, NDAs or similar legal instruments nor any unlawful, fraudulent or corrupt arrangements.

Some companies, though do get so over-zealous at protecting themselves, that they are in effect imposing terms that are so locked down they serve only to protect themselves even when they are wholly wrong or anti-competitive. We have seen our fair share of these locked down and/or vulpine terms that the bar is set so high. Therefore we will not enter into such unfair contracts, NDAs, legal instruments nor any such arrangements.

We have a set of processes, constructs in T&Cs and also employment contracts that have very specific measures to prevent:
  • Anti-competitive behaviour against us and to prevent us doing the same to our suppliers;
  • Anti-corruption behaviour involving us or any of our suppliers or customers;
  • Anti-bribery behaviour involving us or any of our suppliers or customers.
All employees, suppliers and customers are reminded all emails, texts, IM and voice are recorded in and out of the Company. We have active OSINT tools that search these both automatically and periodically for signs of odd conduct and behaviour. That process automatically flags such to the Defence Security Officer [for onward reporting to the relevant authorities without any further Board approval], and to the Chief Technical Officer for Board-level action. 

We operate on key commitments a 'two officer policy', that ensures that key contracts, NDAs, gifts, gratuities or any other similar instrument(s) cannot be entered into without two officers approving; such approval being made in accordance with our Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Management System.

We also operate an INSIDER threat detection model which enables profiling and discernment of industrial risks to our intellectual property, sites, assets and most importantly people. This is complemented with a SUPPLIER health model which ensures we are doing our utmost to adhere to the Supply Chain Values & Ethics Policy

Our CEO/Managing Director is the lead responsible officer and she provides the key ethical position on any matter that is flagged pertaining to this policy with the Board. It is Company policy that any matter found to breach this policy is considered worthy of instant dismissal and a matter for the relevant authorities.

The Company is underpinned by a Modus Operandi, Covenant and these nine core policies which are enshrined in our Employee Handbook, Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Management System. They are:

AREA17: Commercial & Financial Information readilly shared with UK MoD and UK Other Government Departments...