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We have designed into AREA17 four specialist large warehouse/industrial units for secure storage.

Additionally 30 parking bays and 10 lorry bays are available for secure storage and are separate from our employee and visitor parking areas.

One of the industrial units is fitted out with an extensive vehicle modification and fabrication unit to enable fitment of RF radio communications equipment and reworking of the soft finishings back to their original condition or replacement. Racks, masts, antennae, UPSs, workstations and other fitments can be designed and fitted to relevant safety cases and recognised standards - all work CAD-modelled to ensure optimum reliability and safety.

This engineering facility can make anything up to three tonnes in weight and can safely handle aerospace and defence grade alloys, stainless, aluminium, copper, copper alloys, zinc, beryllium, titanium, magnesium, silver, gold, platinum, palladium and tin.  Whilst we can handle lead and mercury, it is our policy not to generally; as with lead, mercury and other alloys/metals not mentioned, we will only handle and fabricate with them after a very careful risk assessment process and will always select if possible safer alternatives. We are considering an uplift to safely handle lithium for various things including mainly LiPol battery fabrication.  

The design of the engineering shop provides for CNC lasers, punches, lathes and millers, along with the usual gamut of press brakes, rollers, pillar drills and other such fabrication tools. MIG and TIG welding booths enable multiple parallel jobs to be handled or multiple parts of the same project to be fabricated in parallel.

Parts can be fabricated and sprayed to the correct colour in the adjacent facility which will be our automated wash, paint spray booth and oven system on an automated overhead rail system. This is much safer than the usual open electrostatic booths and open dip tanks and allows for tighter environmental controls, chemical reuse, and much lower fabrication costs.

The engineering facility can safely fabricate also using rubbers, plastics and acrylics across a wide range of types. Inject moulding is done off-site, however the moulds are done in-house and remain owned by ADM Shine Technologies Ltd and any spent/trial mouldings remain ADM Shine Technologies Ltd property without exception. Anodising is equally done off-site - however plans are in train to perhaps bring this in-house.

Having the engineering in-house enables rapid production and prototyping to be performed. It has long been our goal to develop this business area and make careful use of the extensive ranges to ensure the very best solutions are provided in this specialist security market.

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