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We have long recognised that in order to deliver effective defence and high-end products you need strong security of the IT servers, firewalls and most often overlooked are the end clients.

We have seen benchmark after benchmark rate the major players and one has shone for a long time and that is SOPHOS. Not only is its R&D superb but it has implemented, what we believe to be the most effective of all, end client firewalls by barring everything and enabling only that which is approved to a set of carefully defined rules - application by application on the PC client - with the flexibility for that to be implemented uniquely per client or robustly enterprise-wide. That isn't where the excellence ends; the ability to prevent infection is crucial as many hacking routes hide such either as genuine peer-to-peer processes or through an email deployment. Again SOPHOS are excellent in that regard too with very robust anti-virus, malware and anti-rootkit products.

To that end we have finally approached SOPHOS and are pleased to announce that we are now a partner and will soon be offering all their high-end solutions as a standard configuration on all our products that have a PC, mobile device or server supplied by us; and we will be offering the products for general sale business-to-business.

As many corporates are finding, having contracted-out aspects of their businesses, the security implications and problems are now biting and causing customer confidence issues and hence damaging the bottom-line. Governments are seeing that without a measured and systematic approach to cyber crime and protective measures the e-commerce confidence and overall economic confidence is potentially at huge risk. Booz Allen Hamilton reports on the safety of the Internet and hence digital infrastructure which any business would be wise to factor in along with systematic, procedural and effective treatment of all the cyber risks to both the business and that which the data they hold/process pertains to...

Should you wish to understand more or are interested in advice on product selection please don't hesitate to contact us.

More information to follow.

Sophos UTM Datasheet: download PDF

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