Modus Operandi...

Everyone in the Organisation must follow these 17 rules of operation - including the directors:

  1. Innovate, Invent, Seek new application(s) to solve real problems and add real value - replicate this and nothing else. Don't reinvent 'the wheel' unless it is considerably better value for money.

  2. Strive in all you do to do your very best and strive to be the best at what you do. This gives us the edge...

  3. Loyalty, Trust and Dedication totally count... Be open to constructive review and continuous improvement. Quality, Honesty and Integrity make the difference.

  4. WHAT you do must be traceable, HOW you do it must be written down, WHEN you do it must be according to a plan and WHY you do it is because you have been authorised to do it. i.e. Follow our QMS ISO9001:2008

  5. Every piece of work must have a clearly agreed specification, value-add, budget and authorised list of resources and their access levels to that work.

  6. Every piece of work must have a registry file with all pertinent content relating to the piece of work such that it can be fully repeated by another team using the registry file alone without exception.

  7. Every piece of work has a customer and that customer has the funds necessary to do the work that will release funds in a timely manner for good work (at agreed points) - and be committed with us to achieve the success of the work.

  8. The authorised 'internal' customers are either the Chief Technical Officer or the Commercial & Finance Director or the CEO / Managing Director and no other.

  9. ALL customers are pre-approved by the CEO / Managing Director.

  10. ALL university research, strategic suppliers, partners, and all other suppliers are pre-approved by the Commercial & Finance Director and ad-hoc suppliers are to be avoided. They shall never be asked for any lump sum for facilitation nor inducement to hold such position and any unsolicited or solicited attempts for such will be considered unlawful and dealt with as such.

  11. Customers are welcome at any point, in fact encouraged, to work alongside us to ensure the work succeeds and mutual trust between us is maintained or grown.

  12. Intellectual property is precious and must be protected, for our partners, suppliers, ourselves or our customers. IP can only be licensed, sold or assigned with the direct dual approval of the Chief Technical Officer along with the CEO / Managing Director [Both must agree for such to be authorised].

  13. Project reporting should be timely, lightweight, 100% honest, 100% accurate and it must never be economical with the truth and always state the true position of a work item. It must always state progress to date and estimate (time) to complete.

  14. Every piece of work has an authorised list of resources and no one else Needs to Know about that work. Anyone trying to Know without Authority will be dealt with by Security. Security will protect AREA17, all staff and all work.

  15. Security pre-approve ALL customers, suppliers, visitors, Staff and Directors prior to working or visiting without exception. Security will continue to assess and mitigate risks and threats.

  16. Empowerment means the team will get all they need to deliver the work and all other support they reasonably request. This delegation is practically complete control in all aspects that must never be recklessly exercised. Recognition stays with the empowered and is never taken by the leader except when things go wrong. Only then does the leader show their integrity and loyalty by taking all responsibility (solely) for things going wrong. Risk aversion and blame culture destroys the performance of a company or public sector service, and it will not be tolerated nor grown in ADM Shine Technologies Ltd. 

  17. Each piece of work must deliver, each project meet its agreed work milestones and each programme meet each and every project deliverable to agreed cost, quality and time. Performance is rewarded for results of these and not the size of the team managed or that of which product - but never for delivery of something not working for the sake of meeting a milestone...
The Company is underpinned by a Modus Operandi, Covenant and these nine core policies which are enshrined in our Employee Handbook, Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Management System. They are:




AREA17: Everyone in the Organisation must follow these 17 rules of operation...