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We are proud to have a Armed Forces Covenant in strong support of the UK MoD, Serving Forces Personnel, Veterans, Reserves and Cadets. It is with pleasure that we will be pleased to offer roles where appropriate, to all three ex-services' personnel and we require experienced individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, with specialist skills and trades  being highly valued.

Our commitment also extends to the Forces immediate family and we will work with the three Families Federations {AFF, NFF and RAF FF}, to identify ways in which can help and what roles may be available. We operate at several sites so transfers and postings should not present career problems for most roles. We understand how disjointed CVs may be, we understand your employment history may to some organisations look (to put it bluntly), risky. We will treat you with the respect you deserve. You deserve to have an enjoyable role and a fair chance and ADM Shine Technologies Ltd will do just that.

Due to security reasons we do not list all of the trades which may be applicable, as such please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to discuss your potential role with us. Do note that we reply to bona fide government email addresses [e.g. or], private email addresses will need verifying; specialist recruiters need not apply. All of our current vacancies are HERE and they are listed out into one bursary plus four role groupings on separate sub-pages.

Our Salaries are very competitive and when combined with our Employee Benefits we believe they represent a really compelling offer. For that we ask that you 'cut the mustard' and know your trade inside out, along with having a sensible outlook to what to know and develop more. As you can see on the Employee Benefits pages many items of kit are on ticket {we use a similar system as per your Form 1157 and your Kit record Form S2910, with only a few role-specific on our version of Form 1098}. You won't find any really nice G10s, sorry to go on ticket - but anything without ITAR or other restrictions in the stores can be personally brought - if the list says you can you can.

We also have Bursaries and Awards which are designed to both assist the transition to a new career, as well as reward such efforts. The awards are unique and demonstrate our commitment to rewarding outstanding contribution. They are also in loyal recognition of the three engineers/scientists that had outstanding contributions to the world and to the peace and security of the UK. To be able to honour and run these three awards is indeed our privilege.

We don't want short-lived careers; that isn't sensible for us nor for what you can contribute to the wider team and hence R&D here. We do not have accommodation yet so we have no MQ or SLA, but each vacancy usually offers relocation assistance that enables cash assistance for moves. We are currently investigating the viability of our sites having a small number of modern MQs and possibly some SLA places. It is our intention to provide a mess bar for all staff at each and every site.

As a forces-friendly organisation we are very supportive of a Reserve Forces commitment so you can sign a contract and maintain a service career too. We are growing the number of research and ranges sites throughout the UK and wider afield so you may not need to disrupt your family to up-sticks to our HQ in the Midlands. We are happy to let you know our forward plans and location(s) if you are still serving or you hold the relevant security approvals.

The Trades are self-evident from the many other pages on the site and some, for security reasons, are obviously not going to be spelt out. We list here what would be some of the key trades for the roles and vacancies we would expect to recruit. It doesn't include the guarding, chef, administration, logistics, armourer, MT nor the many HV and LV power roles/trades; but those roles will be needed without a doubt across many if not nearly all sites.

Those from Royal Military Police, Royal Gurkha Rifles, Royal Marines, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy Submarine Service and other germane specialist brigades/regiments/squadrons and units are equally eligible. We have a number of peculiar interests and these are much wider than, for example, the usual CBRNE / ATO type roles on one of our research themes. Several are in the TIW, EW, SIGINT, ELINT space being mostly focused on the comms ESM/ECM side.

Many of the other areas though cover a very wide range of interests so do not be put off with this highly redacted list below; contact us or look at our Current Vacancies with a view to these trades [and others redacted]:

All trades

All trades in SEMC(ME)

Communication Systems Operator
Communication Systems Engineer
Communication Electrician
Installation Technician
Signaller [as in trained signals specialist in other units/Regmts]
Electronic Warfare Systems Operator

Military Engineer - Bomb Disposal
Military Engineer - CC & ISS
Military Engineer - Draughtsman {Electrical & Mechanical}
Military Engineer - Electrician
Military Engineer - Heating & Plumbing
Military Engineer - Plant Operator Mechanic
Military Engineer - Carpenter & Joiner
Military Engineer - Fitter {Air Con & Refrigeration}

Combat Medical Technician
Medical Support Officer
Biomedical Scientist

We warmly welcome British Armed Service Personnel joining ADM Shine Technologies Ltd for short-term assignments, long-term, career moves and for rehabilitation where possible. Please find the following Ranks not as a comparison to each other across the services but merely an outline view where each would broadly fall in relation to our Role IDs or Grades. For clarity we have only indicated a few ranks and that does not mean we will not be able to assess and integrate any of the other ranks - we can and will where possible. Salary pay advancement is possible in the same role. See further benefits in addition to the Salary at our Employment Benefits page. We actively support and further reward Reservists by way of our HR policy [see SaBRE as to why we do this].

 Role ID British Army  Royal Navy   Royal Air Force
Band-P  Brigadier / Colonel    Commodore / Captain     Air Commodore / Group Captain
Band-O  Lt Colonel  Commander  Wing Commander
Band-L  Major  Lt Commander  Squadron Leader
Band-G  Captain /
Warrant Officer I
  Lieutenant /
Warrant Officer I
  Flight Lieutenant /
Warrant Officer
Band-F  Staff Sergeant  Chief Petty Officer  Flight Sergeant /
Chief Technician
Band-D Corporal Petty Officer  Corporal 
Band-C  Lance Corporal Leading Rate Junior Tech 

If you are a good service leaver within the last five years and have Trades that fit well with our needs, then, based on the level and competency of those, along with which Level, Spine and additional payments your force's salary was we will carefully match or better that to the above Role IDs {or Grades} or to a grade up to three above that.

Our Very Forces Friendly Vacancy Application


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