Range Use...

AREA17 will have the following ranges that, with the right approvals, may be booked and used once fully operational; viz:
  • Nine acre, non-sterile real village copy with 42 houses, halls and other commercial retail shops (and a pub!)
  • 22.4m Litre Underwater Research Lab with ultra-clear water (film set quality) 30m deep and some 40m long by 20m wide
  • 100m firing range with various firing points down to 10m and various features for overt and covert firing positions
  • Special C-IED range with safe containment of emanations
  • Vehicle ranges (two) for verification of environmental protection of equipment fitments
  • Multiple hard and soft secure standings
  • A large reconfigurable range for in-theatre assessments, training and simulation
The village will be able to be booked by fire and emergency services, resilience teams and police forces for training and special emergency simulations including CBRNE. Defence Animal Centre use for training will be openly made available. 

A selection of the village houses is designed as specific crime scenes, as forensically as is both possible and safe to do so, to enable the facilities to be very cost-effective R&D resources. Public access to these facilities will be strictly forbidden and, in keeping with the rest of AREA17, trespass will not be tolerated.

Take heed that the site rules are of no cameras and that includes cameras built in as standard to most mobile phones. Bringing such on site is strictly forbidden and approval must be sought to keep these with you - they may be subject to search on exit and any unauthorised photography may be subject to and be a breach of The Official Secrets Act 1911 to 1989. Filming on site (including in the Underwater Research Lab) will be subject to a special licence and restrictions [for example 'only in the pool, rooms 1.10, 1.12, 1.15, anywhere outside our fence line facing away from site and at the tiled surface pool side'].

Take heed also, trespass will be proactively managed within the provisions of law for the type of facility that this is, the type of work and the sensitive aspects. The picture above from a similar US site is not meant to depict anything other than trespass will be vigorously and lawfully dealt with - the above sign will not be used on our fence-line but instead on our firing range! The site will enjoy many security measures and a very fit and capable security team. 

Firearms, inert/deactivated firearms, inert/deactivated ordnance, and/or explosives are to only be brought on site by prior approval. ECM and force protection equipment may only be used on site on any range with strict approvals required by us - this is to protect any critical infrastructure nearby and indeed our equipment/research.

Individuals with pacers and similar medical electronic devices will be asked to discretely disclose such at security and an assessment made to ensure your safety whilst on site - you will be advised of any areas you must avoid.

Admission on site is only after giving concurrence (each time) to agree to be bound by the site rules without exception. This applies to every visitor, contractor and member of staff.

Please contact us for further information and ranges' use terms and conditions.




AREA17: Facilities for Advanced Research & Simulation - Facilities for CPNI, C-IED, Force Protection, Resillience, CBRNE and Special Training