ADM Shine Technologies Ltd was founded in September 2005. The tri-service capabilities and knowledge within the Company stretch beyond the traditional Electronic Warfare set of capabilities for the breadth of tactical through to strategic needs; From 20 Hz to 110 GHz. Mostly Comms, some Radar. Fixed to wireless. Plain or encrypted.... We are a Research and Development business that focuses on applied and advanced research - aimed at the four core specialist domains of Electronic Warfare (Expert Level at the Comms ESM/ECM aspects), Advanced Devices, Special Projects and Infomatics. We design the power systems right through to the antennas [-185C to +125C] and everything else in-between....

Our knowledge set gives most of our products the edge of 'Ostendo et Insequor' which is apt for our end customers and users as this is the ability to "Reveal & Pursue". It is this goal and the technological aspiration that gave the Company its 'Shine' name - to brighten that which lacks lustre and visibility - in essence to reveal.

The commercial communications (not just military communications) knowledge within the Company is significant and the key design knowledge of strategic as well as tactical capabilities makes the Company unique within the marketplace of special projects and more than capable of creating high value with high impact innovation/IP. This communications knowledge is to a depth and breadth to be able to design country-level telecommunication and data networks and capabilities; not just specific specialist solutions for such. The challenges are growing and they are getting much more complex and often have global elements now like they never had before - see our Snapshot of this really complex area and one in which we have several active research programmes and extensive knowledge and know-how. Even though the data volumes can be enormous today - spare a sobering thought that a gram of human DNA can theoretically hold around 455 exabytes of information.

The project work is complemented with a commercial thread to the business in the development of the next generation flight data and cockpit voice recorders (ED112-compliant and soon the new EUROCAE ED155-compliant). The functionality of these recorders far exceeds the existing capabilities and recording times, offering significant safety benefits through whole-life flight data analysis and maintenance schedule analysis. Our drive is to make crash analysis more focused and to prevent (where possible) such events from occurring in the first place.

The combined recording capabilities are extended to include all images received from any craft-borne CCTV cameras. They also include the sophisticated capabilities that ensure rapid location which go beyond the standard ELT and ULB (where fitted).

We have long recognised that in order to deliver effective defence and high-end products you need strong security of the IT servers, firewalls and most often overlooked are the end-clients. To that end, we have finally approached SOPHOS and are pleased to announce that we are now a partner and will soon be offering all their high-end solutions as a standard configuration on all our products that have a PC, mobile device or server supplied by us, and we will be offering the products for general sale business-to-business. You can see more at our Secure Products Pages for Platforms and Mobiles & Tablets. We are keen to also promote the UK Government Cyber Essentials Information Assurance Scheme to ensure businesses - especially small and medium enterprises - have the right protections and controls in place.

The Summer Budget 2015 introduced a National Living Wage of £9 p.h. by 2020 and each budget since has carefully looked at this and made yearly revisions. Our Salaries and our Employment Benefits are well benchmarked and we believe are very good; however, we strive to offer good terms and conditions of employment. Therefore we decided to keep ncreasing our junior salaries to keep exceeding the National Minimum Wage at each January review.

Our new State of the Art Labs are under a year away - recruiting to build the Company to three dozen staff by end of 2023 and six dozen by end of Summer 2025. Potential staff should be aware that those who are or are thinking about becoming Reservists (including those roles/trades with Special Engagements, or Civil Contingency Reaction Forces [CCRF], or High Readiness Reserve [HRR] status) are all warmly welcomed on very supportive terms [see UK MoD SaBRE as to why we do this]. We warmly welcome British Armed Service Personnel joining ADM Shine Technologies Ltd for short-term assignments, long-term, career moves and for rehabilitation where possible. We have made such Forces-Friendly commitments long before the creation of the Corporate Covenants introduced in 2013. We embrace this new covenant for companies and we are pleased to say our Company Board has approved our signing up such and committing that to policy. We have a page covering all our Corporate Covenant Work and also as part of our ongoing commitment a number of Support The Forces projects listed for your enjoyment - including for the Centenary a number of Picture Galleries, maps, charts and write up on the importance of World War 1.

The image above on this page is by Howard Godfrey and is the INMOS T900 in its base ceramic packaging prior to final testing and final encasement. It is not known if this was from the Gamma Design wafers - an important step in the evolution of Electronic Warfare Sensor design given the early HPC usage of the Transputer.

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